Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Survey

We asked 30 people. Most of them were 20 years old women.
We have 30 comments. Four of them are sexist comments.
Here are some examples:
Men are stronger than women.(sexist).
The only thing that changes is the gender.
Women and men are human beings.
There aren't differences.
We made men and women silhouetes to post the comments.
We found slogans for the banners.Here are some examples:
-Ask, listen, respect.
-Women make policy, not coffee.
-What part of NO don't you understant?
-Patriarchy fuck off!
Here's the picture of our final work in our classroom. 

By: Laura Carazo, Carolina Pérez, Esmeralda Muñoz, Marina García and Ana Mª Conde.

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